Indica, Sativa, Hybrid- are these terms a thing of the past?

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid- are these terms a thing of the past?

For many of us who have used cannabis for years, the name of your favorite strain, along with its classification between "indica, sativa, and hybrid" are words we have at the ready when asked. 
"I love a balanced hybrid, not too much indica, not too much sativa. GG4 or Venom OG."
I've heard people say this- I've even said it myself- but now, I'm not sure I knew what I was talking about when I did. 

As more studies are being done with cannabis, we are discovering things about it, that we weren't even allowed to look for before. One of the things in the spotlight recently, is terpenes. They produce the scents and flavors we encounter in cannabis- and lots of other things too.

Learning things about these terpenes, is giving avid smokers a whole new realm of cannabis geekery. It's some pretty fun stuff. One of the things recently learned by this avid smoker, is that the level of a particular terpene, myrcene, is what creates a more sedating (indica) or energizing (sativa) could that mean that the "traditional" types of cannabis classifications will change in the mainstream? Unclear, but it is definitely worth paying attention to. 

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