What is the bio-availability of cannabis?

What is the bio-availability of cannabis?

What is bio-availability? In short, it's how much of a substance you are actually receiving effects from. Let's say , for the sake of easy numbers- that if you have 100mgs of cannabis, and you eat, drink, vape, or apply it topically- how MUCH of that 100 mgs are you using? It varies. So here's a quick breakdown:

100mgs of THC/CBD

Vaping/Smoking: 30% average so, about 30mgs

Oral Consumption: not sublingual dosing- just eating it- 4-13% (I know, crazy low, right?) We've got a low dose here- only around 4-13mgs.

Sublingual Dosing: direct contact with sublingual blood vessels (leaving it under your tongue for several minutes before swallowing)- From 50% to 80%!! That means that you get MORE of your cannabis dose with sublingual dosing than you would if you smoked or vaped it AND had an edible.

Topical use:  Localized relief only. It will interact with cells and vessels in the applied areas, but not absorb into the bloodstream. Perfect for bath and beauty products, maximum benefit at the target site, and no blood interaction. So it won't show up in a drug test- especially if you're using CBD products from industrial hemp! 

Looks like sublingual is the way to go for maximum availability, though there is some really helpful info in there about how to use different consumption methods to get just the right dose for you.

Good luck, and have fun with the research! :D 

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