Darkroom Genetics

"Conversation" is part of the Fall 2018 Collection from Darkroom Genetics. Though classified as a sativa, this tasty strain has a popular terpene, Alpha-pinene in it, that you find typically in two of the nation's favorite hybrid strains, Gorilla Glue and Blue Dream. THis tasty terpene is abundant in the Conversation. It's a particularly flavorful smoke, best enjoyed- you guessed it- with good conversation.

The Alpha-pinene terpenes' effects are that of a Bronchodilator (helps improve airflow to lungs) It also helps counter short-term memory loss associated with THC, for a great daytime experience. Many creatives lean towards this terpene as it promotes alertness, while still delivering the relaxed, happy effects.

For more info on terpenes, visit our blog- The Violet 4-1-1, and check out our post: Let's Talk About Terpenes

Collections: Flower

Category: sativa, Sativa dominant hybrid

Type: Flower

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