Venom OG


Dominant Terpene: Myrcene


With harmonious scents and flavors of skunk, diesel, lemon and pine- Venom OG is a delicious smoke. While some experienced users may enjoy it as a daytime strain, it will tend to be a heavier strain for most. So, if you are smoking for pain relief, Venom may be good for you. For anyone else- get ready for some couch-lock 😎  


It has a beta myrcene and beta caryophyllene-heavy terpene profile, giving it a woodsy-skunk-like aroma, as well as the faintest hints of pineapple- something myrcene is famous for- delivering a woodsy, yet tropical scent. That complex little terpene is also responsible for the pain-relieving benefits you'll feel. Myrcene benefits also include anti-inflammatory properties, and powerful sedative qualities. 

Collections: Flower

Category: Hybrid, myrcene

Type: Flower

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